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I’m Dmitry Korikov

Was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Live in Los Angeles since 2013. Ever since I was a kid, my passion has always been movies and storytelling. I’ve transited from short to feature films. Opened multiple businesses through to support my goals at I travel as much as I can and do photography in a free time.


Goals of this magazine

Film production news

DK FILMS Magazine share all development, production and marketing news of DK FILMS Hollywood film production company. Current stage of each project, vision, movies insides. Building public relations.

Mood and lifestyle

I start doing photography at young age. During the years of acting, modeling, film making, traveling I meet most incredible people and saw most amazing places. I wanna share this lifestyle with you. And if traveling project have it is own website all my other life photos and videos didn’t had a place to land yet. This magazine is a chance to show you my vision of beauty, perfection, my mood.


There is information that needed to be said. Logic that needed to be shown. Helping raise quality of your life. Top subjects is: human nature, relationships, goals, ambitions, productivity, food, medicine. Articles and interviews with senior data that you can study and apply starting same second in your own skills, habits, day to day activities. Often opposite from crowd opinion, extremely practical and useful, focused on real fast results and personal grow.


Have a project in mind?

If you have a great idea, reach out to me.


Naked ladies

Even if you see some nude photography here, focus on feeling energy instead of just sexually objectify women. Gender and clothes doesn’t matter. The idea of balancing masculine and feminine energies is fundamental, and applies to women as well as to men. It is about soul and spiritual awakening, positive thinking. This beautiful energy that we all resonate with is life-force itself.

Here is an article that I wrote to all models who choose to shoot naked: naked photography, what to be aware.