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Naked photography

What to be aware

There is multiple sexual allegations for huge number of photographers in naked photography filed. Which is not surprising at all and now I will tell you why. It is important. Be careful if you are a model!

There is even websites with lists of photographers who had this allegations.


Was it ever about Art?


What happened


Today someone followed me from Instagram account and it was clear in descriptions and posts that the main subject of this account is a photographer which girls accuses of assaulting models. Here part of what I wrote to this account:

“I know the way to avoid any allegations if you are a normal human being and not involved in an abusing, sexual harassment or other crimes. Like me for example. The way is to do a backstage video whole time with a Go Pro camera attached to main camera even if looking towards a photographer. Or any similar set up. It could be a cool idea for Tick Tocks anyway and bullet proof protection for false allegations. And peace of mind for models. If they know that it is a standard practice with this photographer – there will be nothing to worry. 

I already have some protection because I always do backstage video. And sometimes there is a third person on a shooting, often another model. But generally this practice should be scaled for everyone else at industry as well. 

And when photographer doesn’t do it – then there is something to worry, it will be clear.

World changed, everyone in digital reality should adapt the way they will feel safe. Both models and photographers. Models from sexual harassment, photographers from false allegations.”


They have a motive


  Then I thought about all of it for a minute and continued:  

“You know why a lot of photographers who shoot nude do harassment? Why most photographers who shoot nude are weird and creepy? You can tell that even just by looking at them.

Listen, is easy to understand.

Because they weird and creepy in real life they have zero chances to date a model. And they end up with idea that photography is their only chance. In a matter of fact it is true. I will say that it is their only chance to even be in same room with a professional model in most of cases. Then again, because no one like them in real life (because they creeps) they try everything including assault to get a girl, especially when she is vulnerable or distracted during the shooting.

I have 0 idea how to fight it or change it. This type of photographers are hyper motivated to be the best of the best, otherwise their strategy will not work. They truly often are really good at what they do. So they all are popular, they do have influence, followers. 

They always been disgusting to me, each time when they texted to anyone whom I know or dated. I always could see through this individuals clear, but I never had a platform to discuss it. I felt that it is only me who see that this girls is out of their league and photography is their way to start communication.” 


about me


Then I talked to this random Instagram account about myself:   

“I’m happy that my art, which is also often naked photography, is not around this freak motives we just talked about.

First of all I am a business man with multiple revenue streams, 100 employees etc. Photography and magazine is what I do besides everything else. For other photographers – it is opposite. Photography is often their only profession.  I never ever met any professional photographer who do 20+ businesses successfully as well as being into filmmaking as his main career. 

As for you it will be enough to check my holding company website or my film company dkfilms.tvCreepy photographer for sure will have only photography as what they can do.

Second of all I’m a model myself. I even have better pictures and better model career that most models I shoot. It is what it is. So for me my motives never was about getting a chance to date a model. I’m surrounded by models all since my modeling years. That was the original reason why I start shooting as a photographer professionally. For 10 years I have been in a situation when there is me and 3+ Russian/Ukrainian girls, always models, and usually my long time friends, hanging out and traveling every other day. I did shootings of them on their phones all the time. Then I saw that disposable film camera trend is growing. So I tried it too on one of our trips. I developed film, scanned it. And here we are – during first year of my professional photography career I eventually did 10 000 film pictures which cost me more than 15 000$. I didn’t even tried to do digital pictures by then.

But back to the subject. In a matter of fact, my life story did a bad joke to me. I developed such a high standards in my head for my partners, that most regular models doesn’t fit in this standard at all. Like I’m almost Asexual to most girls, even if they models and naked on shooting etc. I know it is difficult to imagine, but I am is who I am. All small disadvantages of a girl for my brain is a big thing. I’m not attracted to anyone in day to day life. Comparing to predator behaviors of all this creepy photographers we discussing. It is unhealthy for me as for a human being to have such high standards. Because I can not fall in love and generally can not date. Basically only 4 particular girls in whole world is anyhow to whom I have interest. Of course they are top top level models, one of them is my friend, others are too rich and too famous for me to know personally yet. 

But I do have this high standard for myself as well. Because I need to be best version of me to even have a chance with this top top level girls of my dreams. 

Good side of me being developed like this is that I didn’t had a single fight with a girl since 2017, I didn’t had any brake ups. All my girls with whom I had any romantic things always stayed as friends forever because I don’t have toxic, aggressive, jealous energy or I don’t lie about what I’m looking for and about who I am or whom I date etc. 

So overall as I explained my point, you can see that my motives is to be best and most talented version of me. That’s why this nude art photography, that I originally start doing only with my friends models did grove into a magazine. On a basic level I truly do have only my photography ambitions as a driving energy to do it. And it is an art for me in easiest form. Filmmaking as everyone know is complicated, to get results you need to wait for years. When in photography for hours. And with magazine for months.”


Learn more

“I think it was interesting for you to learn and see reality from my perspective to be able to understand reasons and generally mindset of photographers who do assaults or do tricky moves during naked shootings.

I think there is other type of a male photographers as well, that I didn’t described here. Which have different motives. Like money that they could make. But mostly, I think on my experience 80% of all photographers shooting nude – should, and one day will, have this sexual allegations. Because sexual interaction is their primary focus. They are losers from the beginning, who doesn’t have access to girls and they use photography at a first place to get laid. Girls be aware. Be smart. Do research about each photographer.

Other interesting moment to think about is that I do a backstage video and I sent it to a girl with all pictures we did at the same day. But there is no one else who do it too. Because if they will do it – everyone will see at a backstage video that the way this photographers structured conversation is shady. All their questions about boyfriends etc. Girls will have proofs. Everyone will see what this photographers are actually try to do. And of course it is not art. Also if they will sent all raw pictures and videos they will not have a hook to attach girl to themselves. What they often do – is they use photos as a hostage to provoke girls into texting them to get some attention. Girls humiliate themselves just to get few edited pictures. It is a big thing. I heard so many stories and saw so many girls cry about not getting any pictures. By being a model myself I know how important it is to receive more than 3 edited pictures, faster that 1 year from a TFP (time for print) shooting that took all working day.”

Other side

“At the end, do you wanna know fun thing too? Which is unbelievable. No jokes. I’m a model too, so it will sound more realistic. Even that it is crazy to hear from a guy. But it is a truth. 
I have been sexually assaulted and harassed like dozens of times during the shootings as a photographer. And not only by comments. But also by some actions too from models. Even if it was obvious that I don’t like her. 
I never ever met or heard about any guy in this planet, even about famous actors who have this problem or will structure this complain this way. But it is because 99% of straight guys, doesn’t have this Asexual energy, no one try to avoid beautiful girls. Straight guys usually ok with any attention from girls. I’m on other hand have a really unique experience. I even complaining now.  I don’t want to go into details. You probably will think that I make it all up. But no. Sexual assaults did happened to me. Even it is happens systematically in 1-2% of shootings that I have. Don’t wanna victimize myself, but it is truly uncomfortable for me and doesn’t help me in my art. Not only because this behavior is unprofessional and distracting, but because it is not what I want. I for real developed this mindset when I don’t like romantically 99.9% of girls, doesn’t matter model or not. So yes, at least for one out of millions nude photographers sexual assault is a same problem but from other side.”


Unless you did pay to a photographer for his job – he have a copyright for all pictures. It is mean that he can not sell it without your release to anyone, but he can post them online as a part of his portfolio. I strongly recommend to sign a limited release and a contract each time you shoot nude. As well as having 50% cut of the profits in case photo will be used commercially. Which I always do with my models.

Now you already saw other side of this industry. 

At least you aware of what to do, whom to avoid, what to look for.

If everything is too stressful – you always can choose gay guys or straight girls as a photographers for this type of shootings to be protected!

 Be safe.


Dmitry Korikov